Thursday, January 29, 2009

Torn, Seriously Torn.

Here's the thing.

I *love* ideas like this one posted on Once Wed

A cute alternative to a ring-pillow, right?

The problem lies however, in the fact that, while my concious-self is thinking "Aww, cute!" my subconscious mind is playing the themes from Jaws and Psycho.

I've always been a book-lover: I'm not just talking about the words in the book, the stories contained--I'm addicted to the yummy, sniffable pages of a new softcover, or the pleasant mustiness of a creaky old hardcover. I love the font, the covers, the random stains you find in ones at thrift stores (a rather creepy feeling, to wonder if those drops are tear-stains from an overly-emotional reader or.... something else).

So, something like the above (which requires one to glue pages together and cut a square hole in the glued mass) or the image below--th0ugh my sister made me a beautiful one for Christmas--: me chills, and perhaps not in a good way. Because, yes, in theory the idea is freakin' adorable; however, the dramatic thought that future generations will never thumb through the pages of those books makes me want to faint away, or something. How could something like these crafts be used to display a love of books? One has to murder a tome in the process!

The question remains: Will I quash my deeply-held principles to pursue that gorgeous wedding idea?


But I'll use an empty journal or something, to feel better about myself.

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  1. first, i've never seen a book purse and i think it's really cute... although i might never use one.

    second, i added you to my blog list.

    third, since you live in CA do you have Dunford Donuts!? b/c they are the BEST chocolate donuts out there, and if you haven't tried them... maybe i'll have to send you a package. you can answer this question thru blog, or thru email at either way is fine, but do answer. i think any donut lover needs to try these.

    and that's all, happy vday tomorrow!