Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Hiked in 4-inch Heels.

Engagement pictures today, then swing-dancing at the Coffee Depot.
I wore the dress my mom and I have been sewing and stressing over the whole weekend.
I tried a Depoccino (Espresso over vanilla ice cream... like an espresso float)

I am utterly exhausted and happy.

A small taste of the engagement pictures to come
(Much much thanks to Emily and her brother)

Friday, March 6, 2009

A Life Lived Frizzy

In one sense, I have been follicly blessed. I do have a head full of hair, after all.

The problem lies, however, in the fact that running a brush through my hair has often been a physical impossibility. Curly, wavy, frizzy. Whatever you want to call it-- it's a little twisted. I'm not sure when my hair became the way it is, because I look at pictures of myself in child form and my hair then seems to have been quite manageable. Or maybe it just lived a peaceful life because I didn't care what it did...
So, by that logic, the moment I started to care about it, it rebelled. It rebelled in 8th grade.
I don't suppose it helped that the styles that year were incredibly pin-straight. I used to watch those shampoo commercials where the models ran their fingers through their fantastically straight and shiny hair. I'll tell ya, there is nothing worse for a curly-haired girl than a single Fructis commercial; it will squash your ego under a rock in the Mariana Trench for at least six months, maybe more if you were having a really bad hair day on the view-date.

Over the years I have tried many, many approaches with the willful beast on my head.
(Pardon all the self portraits. There have been points when I had no life and entirely too much camera access)
I'll get the worst out of the way first:

The "Let's Pretend it's Not Curly"
The procedure was simple: Slick the front with enough gel to keep even my eyebrows immobile, then stick the rest in a ponytail: out of sight, out of mind.
Also known as the most mindless thing I have ever done. Notice the random tendrils. Those were on purpose, please don't ask me why.

The Somewhat Bun.
The slightly more subtle evolution of the first. Sad confession: I still do this sometimes.

The Legolas Wannabe
Mis-use of a straightening iron. I was a LOTR addict. (note the random braid) This is painful for me to talk about, so we'll move on.

Covering It Up

scarfs, hats, headbands. You name it.

Then I went short.

Easy to take care of, I loved it. But looking back, I have to admit that it was a tad triangular.

And in Pigtails
Oh poofball pigtails and green eye makeup...I'll miss you.

Straightened and Short
I actually would not mind this again. Wasn't all that much work with most of my hair completely gone.

Grown-out, Again.
Experimented with mega-curlyness.

Annnd Straight. Again.
Still wishful thinking from time to time..

And The Recent Method
...doing nothing to it at all.

Your turn: What's your hair evolution? Did you do insane things that make you wince when you see old photographs, or do you have a signature style that remains pretty unchanged?