Thursday, January 29, 2009

Torn, Seriously Torn.

Here's the thing.

I *love* ideas like this one posted on Once Wed

A cute alternative to a ring-pillow, right?

The problem lies however, in the fact that, while my concious-self is thinking "Aww, cute!" my subconscious mind is playing the themes from Jaws and Psycho.

I've always been a book-lover: I'm not just talking about the words in the book, the stories contained--I'm addicted to the yummy, sniffable pages of a new softcover, or the pleasant mustiness of a creaky old hardcover. I love the font, the covers, the random stains you find in ones at thrift stores (a rather creepy feeling, to wonder if those drops are tear-stains from an overly-emotional reader or.... something else).

So, something like the above (which requires one to glue pages together and cut a square hole in the glued mass) or the image below--th0ugh my sister made me a beautiful one for Christmas--: me chills, and perhaps not in a good way. Because, yes, in theory the idea is freakin' adorable; however, the dramatic thought that future generations will never thumb through the pages of those books makes me want to faint away, or something. How could something like these crafts be used to display a love of books? One has to murder a tome in the process!

The question remains: Will I quash my deeply-held principles to pursue that gorgeous wedding idea?


But I'll use an empty journal or something, to feel better about myself.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday was good.

Drazin pays very close attention to the road.

And it was all yellow...
*needs new Chucks*

"Two paddle-balls at once!"

Story behind this one: The new tradition upon seeing this sign is to shout "OH NO! HAWAIIAN BBQ!" in the most terrified of voices.

Faces help too.

And for something completely different: A "craft project"

If one pair of sunglasses makes you cool....

Our ultimate honeymoon destination.

"We'll charge you an arm and a leg and then give armless suit"

The "Brad Pitt" face.

I snuck a camera in the DMV.

After a few weeks of some pretty extreme highs and lows, including getting my little heart crushed over a dream-house deal that fell through, it was good to have a lovely day with Drazin.
In my life, I have had friends who prefer to just hang out, and those who work out these structured activities, and it's all amazing--- but I prefer nothing above just driving around with this kid.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Day 4: Dwight awaits

I was thinking about posting but...

"We need to watch The Office, foo' "

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Day 3: On The Bright Side

So, today has been one of some realizations:
At breakfast, I fixed some plain Greek yogurt with Trader Joe's Granola. It's pretty much heaven, and -while lacking the overall satisfaction/guilt of a s'more Poptart- I was pleased.

And then I ruined it.

It went something like this:

Me [in a hummish sort of way]: "Waltzing granola, Waltzing granola..."
(which was, by the way, to the tune of "Waltzing Matilda")
**bowl falls from my clumsy fingers**
Me: Shoot! I've lost all or most of my yogurt--and granola!
Lizzy: **giggling evilly**

Five minutes later, after some cleanup of the kitchen floor, I sat down with the remains of my breakfast and commented:
"You know, this is now the perfect serving size... Someone out there wants me to be thin."
Lizzy hated me for saying that, I think, she wanted to revel in my anguish for a while longer.
And also, "Waltzing Granola" has become a hit song in these parts.

And this brings me to the subject of my contemplation:
What are some more things that are so awful they border on awesome?

My Top Five Things-that-are-so-awful-they-are-awesome:

5. 80's music videos.
Especially this one. That man's lips = utterly incredible. I didn't know lips
did that.

4. Christian Romance Novels.
They strike me as pointless, but I once found myself caught in one simply to reveal each new --and frighteningly bizarre-- twist or turn. The novel (not the one pictured) covered a wide range of controversial topics such as rock-climbing, illegal poachers, stupid teenage campers, and racism in the Alaskan wilderness. The main question: "Will she
be able to find a man who will love her, despite her passion for rock-climbing?"

3. This. Song.
(Really, you don't want to watch it.)

2. Hannah Montana.
Drazin and I seem to be addicted to her. He even has some choreography worked out for the theme song. If you actually sit down and let your eyes bleed through a half-hour episode, you can come away from it with some awesome quotables:
"My mom has a tazer... ZZZZT!"
Obscure as all get out.

**drumroll, please**
And now, the winner for the most awful-but-somehow-awesome-thing award goes to:

(yes, the poster needs to be that big... you can't capture the awesome without some detail)
Geena Davis is the female version of Chuck Norris.
You have not seen swashbuckle till you see Geena Davis swashbuckle.

Nuff' said.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Day 2: Not feeling the loss nearly as much...

However, I will take this opportunity to inform the general public of something rather pressing:
I despise Calla Lilies.

Just try searching for a wedding bouquet on google images using the search term "Lily" and see how many actual lilies come up. About five, accompanied by something like 100,000 calla lilies.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Day 1: The Facebook Exodus

Yesterday, rather spontaneously, I decided to delete my facebook. It was one of those things that was just taking up way too much of my life. "More time to write" I tell myself.
And with that said to myself, I have to make it somehow valid.

Here is my lame attempt.

To be absolutely honest, I am really missing my feed. I want to read through everyone's witty statuses or figure out who is flirting with who, who is stabbing who in the back. On second thought...
To be -also- honest, I don't miss it so much.

I choose to say it takes 24 hours to get out of your system, and the rest is psychological.