Tuesday, January 27, 2009


Yesterday was good.

Drazin pays very close attention to the road.

And it was all yellow...
*needs new Chucks*

"Two paddle-balls at once!"

Story behind this one: The new tradition upon seeing this sign is to shout "OH NO! HAWAIIAN BBQ!" in the most terrified of voices.

Faces help too.

And for something completely different: A "craft project"

If one pair of sunglasses makes you cool....

Our ultimate honeymoon destination.

"We'll charge you an arm and a leg and then give you....an armless suit"

The "Brad Pitt" face.

I snuck a camera in the DMV.

After a few weeks of some pretty extreme highs and lows, including getting my little heart crushed over a dream-house deal that fell through, it was good to have a lovely day with Drazin.
In my life, I have had friends who prefer to just hang out, and those who work out these structured activities, and it's all amazing--- but I prefer nothing above just driving around with this kid.


  1. You guys are the cutest <3

    And you soooo stole my looking-in-the-side-mirror-while-taking-a-picture idea haha.

  2. i just love that you're getting married! and hearing a band's song on any commercial is heart breaking. i remember the first time "you say goodbye, and i say hello" was on that Target commercial and i wanted to cry for The Beatles' loss.

    and California looks warm.... Utah is too cold right now. also, it's nice to put a face to your name/blog. pretty :)

    and one more thing.. i totally have a picture with the whole side-mirror-car thing as well.