Wednesday, April 29, 2009

"I could DIE, right now"

If my fiancee weren't such a handsome hunk, I'd have to say that River's Cuomo has a good chance of being my obsession:

*le sigh*
That being said, I have to say that my fiancee is, in fact, *the* handsome hunk.
This is my desktop background, by the way.

Okay, seriously. No more engagement pictures, I promise!

Plans are going great... My dress fitting was last week, and it only needed to be hemmed, so I'm stoked. I found some awesome things for the bridesmaids on Etsy, and...
I'm sick of talking about the wedding, actually.

No, for real.

I might actually talk politics, or theology, or literature maybe:
Since my friend Em had me read a few of his poems, I'm a little bit obsessed with Robert Frost: he twists around just enough in the head to keep me coming back. Especially a few points in the poem "Maple"

....She would forget it. She all but forgot it.
What he'd sowed with her slept so long a sleep
And came so near death in the dark of years
That when it woke and came to life again
The flower was different from the parent seed.
It came back vaguely at the glass one day,
as she stood saying over her name aloud,
Striking it gently across her lowered eyes
To make it go well with the way she looked.

It really just strikes me as fascinating; a common human theme to wonder if our name makes us... or we make our name. I'm sure Frost was trying to say so much more, but that's how I relate to the piece.

Well, this has been one long ramblyness that should probably end for now.