Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Wait is Over, Sort of.

Hey all you unrequited lovers!
Tired of going about your normal "activities" without songs that truly speak to your yearning heart?
Never fear! Your crush may not care, but these songs go out to you:
Mallory's Songs to Stalk By!

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Even on those tough days when restraining orders and broken binoculars have you feeling blue, these classic and contemporary hits will keep you right where you should be:
Hidden in the bushes under your beloved's window.

This collection makes a perfect gift for the stalker in your life, or --if you're the unappreciated one-- an excellent way to share your true feelings when you get so nervous your tongue swells up.

*disclaimer: Some of these favorites were written by obviously desperate individuals, so language/content may be seen as questionable, strange, or downright creepy. Enjoy!

What "love songs" do you find creepy?