Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I Hiked in 4-inch Heels.

Engagement pictures today, then swing-dancing at the Coffee Depot.
I wore the dress my mom and I have been sewing and stressing over the whole weekend.
I tried a Depoccino (Espresso over vanilla ice cream... like an espresso float)

I am utterly exhausted and happy.

A small taste of the engagement pictures to come
(Much much thanks to Emily and her brother)


  1. awww... darling. and i love suspenders!

    oh, and fab hair. not one ounce of frizzy :)

  2. *chuckle*
    darling, you are amazing.

    I aspire to your trooperness, styleosity, and photogenicity.


  3. amazing picture! :D I like the classic theme... :)

  4. Hello deary,

    you can get in the swapping action by looking at Dionne's blog... she posts about the next swap (i believe in june), then you leave a comment and ask to be included, then she'll add you to the mix and once a partner has been chosen - you and your partner communicate from then on to switch fun little presents. It was really fun, and next time it happens you should join in! When are you getting married though... you might be too busy if it's coming up quickly. I can't wait to see more engagement photos or wedding details. It's all a very fun time indeed :)