Tuesday, June 16, 2009


(Our photographer is lovely)

I really can hardly believe it, everything was amazing, the honeymoon was great, and now it's back to reality... which is rawther nice too.

And here's the thing of it: My button on the time-clock at work now says "Mallory Drazin"

Très cool.


  1. Mals! I can't believe you are married and are now the heiress of the powus! :) Where did you guys go on your honeymoon?

    I also have a random comment.. I love your blog too, and yes I did take that picture I added in my post. Of course I added a few effects from Adobe! haha

  2. Your wedding was absolutely wonderful! We loved it! Glad to hear you had a good honeymoon too. Coming back to reality can be rough...
    PS We'll be out of town throughout the summer, so you and Eric are invited to come and house-sit if you want a little alone vacation. Let us know if you're interested

  3. STUNNING. Completely beautiful!! Congrats you two... reality is always easier to come back to when you can do it together...

    i loved the details. your dress. the bridesmaids. the birdcage. just so so pretty.

  4. Hey Mrs. Drazin... Farah and I really want to see pictures of your new place. We hear it looks great. Maybe you could blog about it?

  5. Congratulations on getting married! :)
    Keep the Lord the center of your marriage!
    Love the 40's wedding! Fedoras are sweet!

  6. Major Congratulations!!!!!!!!!! Time flies! :D I hope God blesses you with much felicity and happiness in your marriage! :D

  7. I did not know you had a blog, nor did I realize you were starting to photograph weddings on your own Mrs. Drazin. Congrats! :)

    It's great reading and seeing a bit of your life on the other side, in wedded bliss.

    If there's ever anything I can do to help you on your journey towards future photography you just let me know, okay? ;)