Tuesday, September 15, 2009


Photo 206

It's a Small World.

The Mission Impossible Theme.

An acquaintance's jangling and unidentifiable ringtone.

Earworms, in addition to their obviously frustrating ability to become stuck in one's head, are all--rather uncannily-- uncool. Today, I am battling the sickeningly sweet strains of The Fox and The Hound's "Best of Friends" and it makes me feel utterly lame. Why can't I have some almost-unlikable but patently-cool indie song stuck in my head? That way, if anyone hears me humming, I'll be beyond reproach...

What's your personal love-to-hate Earworm?


  1. No, you wouldn't be beyond reproach. What if I were to say that people who go around seeking obscure and difficult indie music are making the mistake of thinking that "cool" is synonymous with obscurity when in reality "cool" about the most vague and relative term known to man? Not that I'm necessarily saying that.

    I usually hate all Earworms because only a small portion of the song gets trapped in my head and it loops over and over. It has to be a REALLY good song for me not to get annoyed.

  2. beyonce's all the single ladies. sometimes matt sings it over and over again and dances, and then we are stuck with it for hours after. it's awful awful stuff.

  3. Well, it's not a song, but I can get WHOOPWHOOPWHOOPWHOOP stuck in my head. Too many Three Stooges movies, I think.

    As for a song or song tidbit that gets stuck in my head, this song is a bad boy.


    You wont be able to stop sing that one part in there...He-he-he-he-he-aven!
    I curse you with it!


  4. i love that song..what ya talking about...lol..miss ya mals

  5. There's this one instrumental song that they played alot at starbucks over the summer that Michael and I loved. But then it would get stuck in our heads, but b/c it's instrumental we couldn't really hum it etc. So we'd go back to Starbucks in hopes of hearing it again, but alas, they changed their playlist and we haven't heard it since! I guess it's annoying b/c I CAN"T hear it again!

  6. Most recently, Saviour by Lights. It's such a catchy song that has enough artistic merit that, while it's annoying to have play on repeat over and over in my head, I don't really want it to stop badly enough to put effort into getting it out of my head...

    Also, you're a horrible person, as It's a Small World is now stuck in my head. =P